Project Name: Account Opening & Termination (Banking Domain)
Tools Used: Winform, WPF, ASP.NET/MVC, C#, SQL-Server 2008, VB.Net, XML\ XSLT, Window Service, WCF Service, SSRS, COM
My Role TL
Details of Project: AOT is a system use for open new account with different account type. Validate user information and process their fulfillment materials like issue letter and their Debit/ATM card. There are different modules of this product-
AOT (Window Application) – This application is used to Create new account for customer. Before opening a new account into bank, customer verification (Negative location, Credit history, documentation) will be done and after verification, Check book Debit card and Welcome letter will be issued by this application. eBanking credentials also be issued at this stage.
PrintFulfillment (WCF Service) – This is a WCF service application used to Issue ATM/Debit card, generate and print Welcome booklet and other more than 100 type of letters for client. Every branch can print their customize type of letters.
Account Termination (Window Service) – This application is used when any branch moved or merged with another branch. All account of this branch terminates to new branch. After termination their new welcome/termination letter, check book and debit card will be issued..
FundTransfer & Billing (Winform/Window service)– This application used to transfer or deduct billing amount from account holder. This application also send billing statement to account holder.
CAG Report (Window Service) This application extract processed / cancelled check data and send it to configured financial department / bank
Interest Calculation Service – This service is used to calculate interest on deposit amount of account for every account based on their account plan. This service is configurable to time run. This service calculates and credit interest into account holder account from Branch’s account.

Project Name: Nitesh Finance and FD  System(Finance Domain)
Tools Used: Winform, C#, SQL-Server 2005, XML, Window Service, WCF Service, SSIS
My Role Solution Architect
Details of Project: This project handle finance and Loan processing requirement of Client.
Finance Admin (Window Application) – This Module is used to manage configuration of Loan,FD package and Interest profile of Plans. Admin can also Manage users/collection agent and permission of user in this system. User can manage client for Finance and Deposit system.
Loan System (Window Application) – This application is use to manage the issue loan to customer. Here user can issue loan to Individual or Group of person. Installment plan will be generated based on plan configuration. It can be Weekly/ByWeekly/Montly/Quartly. This installment will be collected by Agent. If payment not received then fine/interest will be applicable as per plan configuration
Deposit System (Window Application) – This application is use to manage the Get deposit from customer. Here user generate a systematic investment plan to Individual or Group of person. Installment plan will be generated based on plan configuration. It can be Weekly/ByWeekly/Montly/Quartly. This installment will be collected by Agent. A fix amount of interest will be payable to customer after a specified period.
Processing Engine (Window Service) –This service is used to inform Customer about their coming installment and also inform if any fine put on him on late payment.
Admin Report(Window Application) This application is use by Administrative department to check about pending amount in marking and collection by month. By this tool they can watch report by various filter and data angle.

Project Name: Lender Processing System(Finance Domain)
Tools Used: Winform, ASP.NET, C#, SQL-Server 2005, VB.Net, XML, Window Service, WCF Service, SSIS, Telrik Controls, SilverLight
My Role IT Specialist
Details of Project: LPS is a system use for sale the properties of defaulter threw advertisement & bid. There are different modules of this product-
ASAP Admin (Web Application) – This Web application is use to manage the package for newspaper ads and their configuration setting. From admin we can assign package to client as per state publication requirement.
Bidding & Sale system (Window Application) – This application is use to manage the bidding system for property (which is going to be sale).
ASAP (Web Application) – This Web application is use advertise the property for threw newspaper. Ads requirement can be set as per different parameter of every state. After ads a sale date setup and bid start for property. At sale date finally property will sale to highest bidder or as per rules. Here we receive ads payment from client.
Event Engine (Window Service) – uses for calculate bill for advertisement as per service package (That they have opt for advertisement). This engine will run after specific time duration and bill the fees and generate receipt for client as per configuration setting.
Accounts Payable (Window Application) This application is use to manage the payment for vendor receipt which we have received from newspaper company for send ads. These receipts process here in special approval system. In System approvers checks their validity and prepaid amount. After become valid in that system these receipt go for check printing for client. System has option to generate check and void any existing payment cheque.
CAG Report (Window Service) This application extract processed / cancelled cheque data and send it to configured financial department / bank.

Project Name: DIRECT (Banking Domain)
Tools Used: Winform, ASP.NET, C#, SQL-Server 2005, WPF, Window Service, WCF, Metavante API
My Role IT Specialist
Team Size: 12
Details of Project: Direct is a product of FIS Banking support system. Direct uses in read, validate and transfer digital image of cheque from one branch to ACH (Auto Clearing House). Where they further process that digital image and transfer amount into beneficiary account.
Configuration Manager (Window Application) – This application used by company to provide access to required branch. Here Admin can set credentials for branch and number of users for this application for particular branch.
Branch (Window Application) – In this application user can logon into system and scan check batch. After check scan a digital image and data copy will be created. Now user can validate data and make changes if anything inaccurate. User can reconcile total at the last. And confirm that all data of cheque is read by system accurately. After confirmation you can submit that batch to Service.
Branch Submission Service (Window Service) – In above module when user submit batch then data comes to the service. Now service will check the availability of ACH network and submit that batch to ACH. If ACH is not available at that time then service will try after some time until batch submits.
Merchant Web (Web Application)-This module is specially designed for merchant so that they can scan, read data from cheque , validate data and submit cheque one by one. Batch processing will not be there.

Project Name: Managed Service Billing Suite & Workflow System (Finance Domain)
Client: Fortune 100 Client
Tools Used: C#, SQL-Server 2005, VB.Net, XML, Window Service, WCF, Infragistics, WPF, Silverlight
My Role Application Developer + Module leader
Team Size: 18
Details of Project: The Managed Services billing Workflow depends upon daily/weekly/monthly processes over thousands of billable contracts. Their are module who control order status of Billing Contracts-
CTool(Web Application) – This Web application is uses to take care of data of billable Contract. That utility used to imports new contract or convert any child contract to parent contract. And can also convert parent contract to child contract.
Ready To Bill (Web Application) – uses for Creating and publishing FMMS and XCS billing roles and responsibilities. Create a single point of submission site for all FMMS’s to provide the required billing information. Automating FMMS billing inputs and viewable outputs to eliminate the billing package. Here user can upload reading related data from customer end. These files are word/excel file and they will read by system and data (Submit by user inside file) will enter in Database by a nightly job. Which run on daily basis.
Billing Suite 😦 Window Application) This application is developed to maintain a rule engine for billing events and cycle. Here you can define condition for rule and that system will check these utility. Here we will check those events that were failed to automation process of Workflow Service. All validation will display to user and users can state their pass and fail status. If event pass all validation then their billing amount will calculate and updated to main system
Workflow Process (Window Service): This application is uses to maintain a rule engine for billing events and cycle. Workflow system will check all the bill events. Workflow will try to complete the process as automated. if any value will missing then Event will go for manual validation checking

Project Name: ROBIN Workflow System
Client: Fortune 100 Client
Tools Used: C#, ASP.Net, SQL-Server 2005, Oracle 9i, XML, AJAX, WCF Service, Silverlight 3.0, Window Service
My Role Application Developer
Team Size: 38
Details of Project: OTI Workflow Tool is mainly for monitoring the orders status of customers of Xerox. This Application is basically developed for CBR Center of Xerox and GE where Executives according to their login role performs their operations for an order like why machine has delivered but not installed or why machine has removed but billing is not cancelled and so on. This project has mainly 4 sections of development in integrated environment. They are;
OTI Order fulfillment Tool (Silver Light – Web Application): It includes UI Interactions of Business Representatives which have role based login and according to roles users has access rights on the pages. Admin has all the rights in application. Use of Reflection to log errors in application to trace the data of logged in user. It has also interaction of some external web services which we have to consume in our application according to business rules applied to send or receive data at runtime.
OTI Workflow Service (WCF Service): This application is developed to take care of data coming from outer interfaces in the form of xml which is called as staging environment in application. Input xml in service is validated using the validation on Dataset XSD.
OTIWFT Service (Windows Service): This application is developed to pull the data from staging environment in form of xml to main tables using Dataset XSD to validate and store data, after putting some business rules/logics on incoming data we are saving it in separate tables to display on UI Interface.
OTIPDW2 Process (Windows Service): This application is developed to pull the data from Data warehouses of Xerox which is mainly in Oracle and after applying business rules/logics save it to main tables of application main database. This service runs one time in time span of 24 hours.

Project Name: Getit System
Tools Used: • Microsoft ESP Fast Server for Enterprise Search
• SQL-Server 2005,.Net, Ajax, SOA, Web 2.o for Architecture
• Waterfall Model
• C#, Asp.Net, XML, Web Services, AJAX, WCF, LINQ, Silver Light
Module GetIT, Free Ads Advert, CTI Integration, Financial Report Service
Team Size: 30
Details of Project: is a local search engine. Armed with an extensive database of products & services providers, across all industry segments, is on its way to shaping India’s local search
Key service offerings of include:-
• Searchable company listings
• Pay per action models (CPC, CPA, CPL)
• Branding solutions ,Business leads management (Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd) is a local mobile search engine. It enables customers to access India’s information from mobile phones all over the world and is available for free regardless of the phone type or network. With this new service, end-users with GPRS connectivity (Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd) (July 2009 to Nov 2009)
A comprehensive database management system of Getit. Dms is the central database system to store all the row data for all getit services as,, getit voice and yellow pages directory. Dms work on wan to serve service on all 32 stations across India.
Dependencies in Getit services and Products
• Online Pay Service, Click to Call Service, SMS Service, Map Service, IP to Location Service

Project Name: GimmeQuote Insurance
Tools Used: C#.NET & ASP.NET (.Net 3.5) , SQL Server 2005 ,SQL Report ,WCF
Team Size: 8
Details of Project: Project related to insurance of person. In that project user will select type of insurance and feed required info and submit that code. After that given information will send to 7 insurance companies. And consumer will get their insurance quote from these seven companies. After that if he is interested in insurance with any company then he can select one then list of Agent for that company according to their residence location will be display and he can select any one. Now agent part start and agent get lead of consumer and follow that to convert in insurance. If agent got success then company will deduct charges for that lead from agent threw Pay pal. Agent verification is must threw NIPR program. All these payments manage by company employee.

Project Name: Hotel Management System
Duration: 10 Months
Tools Used: C#.NET, Crystal report, SQL Server 2005, Web Services
Team Size: 4
Details of Project: Project related to restaurant, wine, Fast food, Guest service of hotel .Managing there Kitchen and All there billing related to Hotel and generate report, According to working user time. Analysis report for every person .working with graph. Works on Branches for Group of Hotels. Project related to Daily Reporting on customers Calling of Company and their response and feedback. And their Loan and Insurance customer date managing based on Installment date or Expiry date, and produce report on daily Calling and Date reporting. Total collection of company and total profit and loss of company. and Export and Import that data to bank in M.S. Excel or XML format

Project Name: HIMS
Duration: 10 Months
Tools Used:, Crystal report, SQL Server 2000
Team Size: 4
Details of Project Project related to patient IPD and OPD, Operations, Procedures, Inventory. Charges will be set according their company Category. Patient history of sugar their all test report and store their scientific details of sugar and their family history Report based on their last test and graph on their test based on last report. Special formulas for Reducing the tax. Bulk (Cross tab Entry system) Entry System .Dynamic format setting for report .Total collection of Hospital and total profit.
Manage all disease’s data reporting and report standard values.

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