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String type to ENum (Generic)


/// Allows the discovery of an enumeration value based on the EnumTextValueAttribute

/// The type of the enum to get the value for.
/// The text of the EnumTextValueAttribute.
/// boxed representation of the enum value

public static T GetEnumValue(string text)
Type enumType = typeof(T);

MemberInfo[] members = enumType.GetMembers();
foreach (MemberInfo mi in members)
object[] attrs = mi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(EnumTextValueAttribute), false);
if (attrs.Length == 1)
if (((EnumTextValueAttribute)attrs[0]).Text == text)
return (T) Enum.Parse(enumType, mi.Name);
throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(“text”, text, “The text passed does not correspond to an attributed enum value”);

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